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How Safelet works

Getting Ready

Install the Safelet App

Use the App to connect the Safety bracelet with your phone

Invite Friends and Family to become your Guardians

In an Emergency

Push the button of your Safety bracelet

Your Guardians receive an Alarm signal

They can see your location

Your Guardians can listen to a Sound Recording

They can Communicate to coordinate their Response

location of User who activated the alarm

location of Guardians

Button to play Audio recording

Button to express guardians's intent to go to the incident location

Button for Guardian to dial 911

Button for Guardians to chat and coordinate the response

How your Guardians will protect you...

  • Build your own SOS-network
  • Invite Friends and Family as your Guardians
  • In an emergency Guardians will receive your alarm
  • They will see your location on the map
  • Guardians can listen to a sound recording
  • During an emergency Guardians can see each others location on the map
  • They can chat and coordinate their response