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Frequently Asked Questions

Please watch the video below.

Safelet works by allowing a person who is in danger to quickly send an alert from their Safelet bracelet. Since the bracelet is synced with the wearer’s phone, the Safelet app sends the alert over the cellular network to the bracelet wearer’s pre-selected Guardians – the friends and family who have agreed to help in an emergency. The Safelet wearer also has the option to accept help from a wider Guardian Network, which consists of people who have opted to be alerted whenever someone nearby has activated their Safelet bracelet.

The alert is transmitted by a Bluetooth Low Energy connection to the wearer’s phone. This means that the phone must be within 10 meters of the bracelet to communicate.

When setting up your Safelet bracelet, you will be prompted by the app to enter an emergency number. If you are in the United States, we recommend that you input 911 as the emergency number. Guardians can call this number with one click in the Safelet app when you have activated an alert. So valuable time is saved.

Safelet comes with a coin cell. The coin cell life cycle is from 8 to 9 months. The coin cell type is CR2025 and it is easily available at any electronic store. You can replace the coin cell by unscrewing the bottom cover of the Safelet. The screw type is T3.

The Safelet bracelet will be fine in the rain, but not in the shower!

When the Safelet bracelet is activated, the Guardians will receive that alert via an on-screen notification. Since there is always the possibility that one of your Guardians won’t be near his phone at the time, Safelet addresses this issue by sending the alert to several contacts. This way, there is a much better chance that one of your Guardians will respond to the alert and/or contact others for assistance. Safelet continues to alert all Guardians until they respond.

Yes, after Safelet is activated, you have 30 seconds to cancel the alert via the App.

Yes, you can add or delete Guardians whenever you want via the Safelet app.

As long as you are connected to the internet, either via cellular services or Wi-Fi, then Safelet should work. Make sure that you update the number of the local police via the Safelet app.