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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two ways to check if your alarm was send out. The first one is the immediate feedback from the Safelet. The Safelet will vibrate to let you know that the Alarm was send out. The second option is to open the Safelet App. You will see the map with your location.

A Guardian is normally invited by a friend, relative, co-worker or somebody else they know personally. During the installation of the Safelet App they get the choice if they are also willing to receive the SOS-signals of other Safelet users that they do not know personally. If they accept they will only receive an SOS-signal if they are in immediate proximity of the location from where the SOS-signal was send. Though this is a very personal choice we hope that as many people as possible say yes. We strongly believe in a world where each one us is willing to play an active role to create a safer society and support people that urgently need help.

Un bracelet connecté assurant la sécurité des femmes

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More than 50 percent of women make decisions that restrict their freedom

Just press the Safelet band on your wrist and you can summon help