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Frequently Asked Questions

Safelet works everywhere where your mobile phone has a data connection. Either via the mobile network or via WiFi.

Yes your Guardians also need the Safelet App. When you invite somebody to become your Guardian they receive a link to download the Safelet App. When they have installed the Safelet App and created an account they are automatically registered as your Guardian.

If your Guardians have a data connection at the moment that the SOS-signal was send they will receive the alarm. If they have not put the sound level on silent they will hear a very specific incoming alarm sound that indicates that they have received an SOS-signal.

This depends on how many alarms you activate and how often you use the check-in functionality.
During an alarm a 5 minute sound recording is uploaded to the Safelet server and shared with the Guardians. A 5 minute recording can take up to 1.65 MB.

Your location is just as accurate as with Google maps. Which means pretty accurate but dependent on the quality of available cellular network signals , GPS satellite information and WIFI information.

With normal use the battery will last approximately 4 days

Within 10 minutes the battery is charged to work for a couple of days. To fully charge the battery will take approximately one hour.

Tapping on the Safelet screen will display the time. But please note that this will only happen if the Safelet and Phone are connected. If you tap on the Safelet and the time does not show, it can mean one of two things :
1. The battery is empty.
2. The Safelet is not ( longer ) connected to the Phone.

No, though you can wear the Safelet while it is raining. Many of our customers claim that they can take a shower with the Safelet without a problem. We do not recommend this.

There is not s straightforward answer to this. In open space with no objects between Safelet and Phone we have measured a distance of 40 meters. However this was dependent of the type of Phone also. With a Samsung S6 we measured a greater distance than with an iPhone. In general the distance with iPhones was smaller.

To complicate things, these distances cannot be accomplished indoor. Indoor distances are very dependent on the structure of the location. For example the structure of the walls and ceilings ( wood, concrete, metal or a mix ) plays a very important role. In general it is not possible to claim any measure of indoor distance.