Sabah Oustou, co-founder “I know the world can be a dangerous place. I share this experience with many other women. I always felt the unfairness , the injustice, when women said they did not feel safe when they were alone – walking the streets after dark, or in the park.  Safety should be a given for everybody, always, everywhere. So when we were discussing what we could do to make the world a safer place, we realized that the biggest fear for most people is to be alone when something happens. That you are alone in an emergency and the people that can hear you will not respond, and the people who would always respond, cannot hear you. How can you stay connected to and protected by the people who love you, your friends and family ? That was the problem we wanted to solve with Safelet. To create a world where Safety is something we do for each other. ” Our Mission is Safety For AllFeeling Safe should be a fundamental Right. …but for many of us Safety is not given…. WOMEN WANT TO FEEL SAFE AND SECURE WHEN THEY ARE ALONE SENIOR CITIZENS WANT TO STAY INDEPENDENT AND SAFE PEOPLE WITH HEALTH CONCERNS WANT TO FEEL CONNECTED ……and that is why we created Safelet. FEEL SAFE, FEEL FREE regardless who you are and where you are