Safelet personal safety

Feel safe, feel free

The Safelet SOS-Band

In an emergency send out an alarm to friends and family 

Running with confidence
being by your self does not mean that you are alone
Connected and protected
alert friends and family with one click
Stay Safe...
when you are young and wild
"The Safelet Bracelet gives me confidence to do things that I was afraid to do in the past. If something happens I know I will be heard"
Alica, Houston
"As a parent I could not sleep until my daughter came home. With the Safelet bracelet I know that she can always reach me in an emergency"
Kelly, New York
"After my heart attack, I got scared to walk outside. Afraid that something could happen and nobody would know. Safelet gives me confidence. "
John, Seattle


Hero Personal Safety Bracelet - Black

34.95 $

Hero Personal Safety Bracelet - White

34.95 $


Tess Personal Safety- Black

64.95 $

Tess Personal Safety- Silver

64.95 $


Indra Personal Safety- Black

79.95 $

Indra Personal Safety- Silver

79.95 $