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About Safelet

Safelet B.V. uses emotions as a kickstarter for creating services and products. It is the love for the women in our lives and anger over the fact that their world is less safe than a man’s one, which led us to create Safelet.

Safelet BV

Hasebroekstraat 26A, 1053 VC Amsterdam (Visit address: Hasebroekstraat 28, Amsterdam)

+ 31 (0) 651 90 40 90

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Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm (CET)

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KvK no. 63327562

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Welcome in your safe haven..

(We’re here to make your world a safer place)


It all began with our mission…. “Lets make safety a social opportunity, let’s make safety something we do for each other.”  A short sentence with a big impact on our lives and hopefully on yours. The opportunity has been on our minds for quite a long time before we actually acted upon it. So let’s begin to tell you about how our mission got its current form: The Safelet and the app.


About us

Until now there hasn’t been a solution to making safety something that is available for everyone, everywhere and at any time. Safelet was founded in 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We started a striving and innovative company that operates within the field of wearable and IoT. This is where a unique merge of design, technology and safety enabled us to create valuable products, with a meaningful and high social impact.

And then after years of production the Safelet was born. A smart and stylish shaped safety bracelet and application, that enables you to alert your friends and family, the police and extended (unknown users of the app). With just one button press they will get your exact location and live audio play. Within minutes your loved ones can rush over to help you or make a call to the authorities.

As a user of the app you can draft your own safety community. This is the unique concept behind Safelet, the guardians provide a connecting network for everyone around you, which makes safety something we do for one another.

 “Safety is what we do for each other.”